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What is it?

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) is a simple algorithm, supported by IRT (Item Response Theory), that adapts to the candidate’s ability in real-time by selecting different items from the item pool in order to provide a more accurate measure of their ability level on a common scale. Putting it simple, if an examinee selects an incorrect answer the following item is easier question, while a correct answer leads to a harder item. The algorithm is responsible for managing the examinee’s current score and adapting to it, so no additional complexity is brought when creating the CAT exam. Get access to detailed reports about the examinee’s performance in the different areas and help them improve.

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Higher motivation

CAT improves motivation by only giving examinees items at the right difficulty for them.

Brand Identity

Let your examinees have access to custom reports about their performance, increasing their ability to improve.

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More accurate

CAT tests produce scores with greater precision than conventional tests.

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CAT adapts uniquely to each examinee, in difficulty and/or the number of items.

Improve, Adapt, Overcome

Learner engagement

Examinees stay more engaged because they receive a test that is perfectly tailored for them.
With questions that challenge learners of all abilities, learner engagement throughout the test is better maintained. Low-achievers are encouraged, and high-achievers are challenged.

Less work. More results

Easy test Configuration

There’s no need to be an expert – our easy-to-use interface lets you specify the CAT options that you want to use. Just import your item pool, set up the test parameters, and you can start delivering adaptive tests!
Adaptive tests can take less time to complete than a traditional linear test, with an accurate ability measurement reached in a shorter time.


Instant Feedback

More accurate feedback can be provided immediately after the test in the form of competency-based ability statements rather than a score. This indicates the candidate the areas that he has done well, and areas he may need to improve.


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