What’s New in QuizOne 2023/03

We just updated our QuizOne and we think you’ll love it!

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features:

New features

New question type in Events
Now, when creating an event, you can add a dropdown item. The dropdown menu can be configured to let candidates select one of the options. For example, you can use this type of item if you want candidates to select their state from a list of countries.

New option on short answer items in the Event Form
Now, when creating an Event Survey, you have a new feature to confirm the answer when using a short answer item type. So, the answers must be equal in both fields to be valid a answer. For example, if you are asking for an email address you may want to validate if the email is correct.

New template import button in categories
Now, when viewing your categories in the Settings menu, you have a new button that allows you to import templates.

Added a button to copy the form link
Now, in Form Bank, you have a button that allows you to copy the form link directly.

New option to download test takers list
Added a new option in the Test Schedule, allowing the download of the test takers list.

Validation of test takers’ bulk import
Added a new feature that allows the validation of the test takers when doing the bulk import, with a validation field indicating who are the test takers that are not valid.

Test raw data report
Added a new report in Test Scoring, allowing the download of the test raw data, including information on item ID, item, lead-in, stem, options, state, difficulty, tags, attachments, curricular unit, and comments.

New feature in Test monitoring interface
The test monitoring interface has been updated to allow the visualization of the exact time that the test takers enter the test after the call date/time.

Test information
Now, on all test-related pages (Test Schedule, View Test, Test monitoring, Test Scoring) you have a new header with the test information, including the ID, sections, items and curricular unit.

Self-study filters
Added a new feature in the category definitions that allows you to dynamically add or remove self-study filters, so the test takers can create their tests based on those filters.

Dynamic filters in the Test monitoring interface
The test monitoring interface has been updated to allow you to filter the test takers’ status (online, offline, submitted, and attending). So you can visualize a table with the candidates based on the selected status.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

​​​​Improvements in translations of Event reports
In the new update of QuizOne the translations of Event reports were improved.

Update of the inquireds display
Improvements were made in inquireds display of the Form Bank and myForms modules.

Update in an event display
Improvements were made in the event display of the Event Bank.