What’s New in QuizOne 2022/09

We just updated our QuizOne and we think you’ll love it!

Here’s a quick rundown of the new features:

New features

Added the option to show the provisional result to the test
When scheduling a test, you can select the option “Show provisional results”, to allow participants access to the provisional result, immediately after the test submission.

Provisional correction of the test
The option “Show provisional results”, allow participants access to the provisional correction for all the questions, immediately after the test submission.

Managing allowed IP addresses
When scheduling a test you can add a list of allowed IP addresses.
The allowed IP address list will block access to private resources that are not allowed to connect.

Create question categories
In “Settings”, menu “Category”, you can create question categories according to 3 different types: a tree structure, a list of values, and free text.
For example, when creating a question, it is possible to create a category that allows you to assign a difficulty level to the question (low, moderate, high).

Importing items
The Formative Question Bank now allows you to import questions by categories.

New template to import items
Now in Formative Question Bank you have a new “Upload format” option.

New printing options
In the Test Schedule, under “View Test”, you to manage the printing options in a personalized way, having at your disposal several options, which make it possible to select questions, answers, and categories.

Test option to allow test takers to enter the exam after end call date

Now, when scheduling an exam, you can give permission to the test takers to access the exam after the end call date, with a time penalty.

Update on creating a new Curricular Unit
When creating a new Curricular Unit, all users with the QUIZ MANAGER profile have all curricular permissions, and the same for the author of that curricular unit.

Refactor Exam Schedule
The Exam Schedule has been reformulated.

Improvements in translations
In the new update of QuizOne the translations were improved.

Permissions Management
Now, Permissions Management is organized into modules and sub-modules.

Option to splitting sections on Test Edit
When scheduling a test, now you can create a new section from the previous one. To do this, you just need to select “Create Section” in the question from which you want to make the division.

Question number
When editing a test, now the question number appears in the first column on the left.

New update in Test schedule​​​​​​​
The Test schedule was updated to be equal to the schedule editing.

Permission to change participants’ password
Permission to allow users to change participants’ passwords has been added.

Searching questions by categories
​​​​​​​Now, when searching for questions, you can filter the results by specific categories created when the questions were classified.
This functionality allows personalized and more efficient search results, viewing only the questions that meet exactly the search pre-defined classification criteria.

Manage question categories
Now you can manage categories in the Question Bank.
The new feature allows you to change the category of a set of questions at the same time.
To do this you just need to select the questions that you want to change the category and choose the desired category.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Improvements in translations

Self-Study Question Bank
Now, in the Self-Study Question Bank, the typology of multiple-choice questions is the only typology permitted.

Question Search
The question search was improved.

External Link
Improvements were made when adding an external link in scheduling a test.

Survey Answers
Corrections were made on Survey Answers.

Question editing
Improvements were made in editing questions.

Test Schedule
Improvements were made to the Test Schedule.